WORLD FIRST: The key to the perfect weed-free strip

Windegger B2 | In-row mower for orchards and vineyards

These days, there is an endless array of machinery for tree strip maintenance on the market. Until now, however, none have been provided a universal solution which is capable of achieving satisfactory results. The new Windegger B2 in-row mower is an out-and-out revolution in fruit farming: For the first time ever, one single implement can perform this task at a relatively low cost. It also brings a number of advantages which make it an exceptionally appealing piece of equipment for both integrated and organic farming.


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The new Windegger B2 in action


No chemicals

The problems associated with chemical pesticides and glyphosate are no longer limited to the sphere of organic farming: Ever since glyphosate was classified as “probably carcinogenic” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, this question has become increasingly pressing in integrated farming. Many consumers want agriculture to be as free of chemicals as possible, and Windegger is playing its part in working towards this goal. The new B2 under-vine clearing machinery enables farmers to clear tree strips without resorting to herbicides. Tree strips will remain free of weeds with just five cuts a year, thus ensuring optimal nutrient uptake by the trees.


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Easy to mount, and easy on the pocket

Given that this implement can be easily attached to the front, to the rear or between the axles, farmers can combine routine mulching tasks with weed-strip maintenance. The Windegger B2 can be attached to any tractor, and, given its exceptionally low energy consumption, is also compatible with older models.

Patented transmission system for clean trunks

To date, the principal difficulty in weed maintenance has been clearing weeds from the trunk area. With its combination of dual rotating blades and thread mower, the new Windegger B2 provides the perfect solution to this problem: While the two blades carry out the rougher work, the thread clears the trunk with such gentle delicacy that it can also be used for younger plants. Its patented transmission system feeds the thread from the spool automatically at a rate of 1cm per minute, equivalent to the natural wear-and-tear times of the thread itself. This provides optimal thread length at all times, and, thus, a uniform cut.


Sustainable and digital

A further advantage of the maintenance-free Windegger B2 can be found in its low consumption. Thread consumption is just one hundredth of that of similar machinery available on the market. Cutting height can be adjusted easily with a joystick, and up to 5 mower positions can be programmed.


The many advantages of the Windegger B2:

  • Precision, clean work
  • Low energy consumption, suitable for all tractors
  • Also suitable for new plants
  • Minimum wear and tear of threads
  • Automatic thread feed (1 cm/min.)
  • Easy, quick spool change
  • Hydraulically adjustable cutting height
  • Mountable to the front, between the axles and to the rear
  • Light in weight
  • Low machinery height at 25 cm
  • Variable width (2 to 4 m)
  • Compact dimensions provide exceptional manoeuvrability
  • Suitable for slopes and terraces
  • A variety of programmable settings
  • Patented mechanism


After the successful presentation at the Interpoma in Bolzano in November 2022, preparations for production are currently underway. Delivery of the new Windegger B2 in-row mower is scheduled for summer 2024.


The Windegger B2 in the test under extreme conditions

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