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Time-consuming transportation of harvest boxes by tractor is a thing of the past. With the neo+, you can transport the harvest crates however, whenever and wherever you want - and all automatically. The neo+ is remotely controlled and is extremely intuitive to use.

With a slope compensation of up to 50%, the neo+ can even be used on rough terrain, a stability achieved by its adjustable centre of gravity. With its narrow width, it is easy to control on all terrain. The neo+ is exceptionally manoeuvrable and can be loaded and unloaded from all sides.


All Windegger machines, including the neo+, are inspected by an independent inspection body and certified to current EU regulations.


The neo+w is of invaluable assistance in both fruit farming and viticulture: The harvest crate is always close to the picker, which means a faster, gentler harvest. In addition to transporting harvest crates, it can also be used in viticulture as a mobile seat when treating grapevines in summer.


With its efficient electric drive and optimum battery life, the neo+ can be used for up to one day. Its high battery capacity of 200 Ah ensures longer, uninterrupted work even on rough terrain. On rugged terrain or for longer continuous work, a version with double battery power is available.

The advantages of the neo+

  • Suitable for fruit and viticulture
  • 50% slope compensation 
  • Simple remote-control operation

The Windegger neo+ at work

Technical data Windegger neo+

  • Length: 1.14 m
  • Width: 1.12 m
  • Carrying capacity: 500 kg
  • Battery performance: 100 Ah
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