FAQs - Frequently asked questions about our in-row mower

Is the Windegger B2 also suitable for tilling?

The Windegger B2 is primarily a mulcher for the area surrounding the tree trunk. If the soil is not too rocky, it can also be used for tilling. The maximum depth of the blades is 1 cm.

What is the working speed of the B2?

To guarantee clean weed-strip clearance, the recommended speed is 3 to 4 km/h.

Do you mow with the blade first, or the string?

As the spool is positioned above the outer blade, both systems mow at the same time. The string is used to mow the final few centimetres right up to the tree trunk in order to avoid blade damage.

Where can the Windegger B2 be mounted?

The new B2 in-row mower can be mounted between the axles, or at the front or rear. No lifting equipment is required for mounting.  

What oil pump capacity (in litres) does the Windegger B2 require? 

The B2 is extremely economical and requires a maximum output of just 20 litres. It can, therefore, be mounted on older models of tractor without any problems.   

How high are the consumption costs?

Thanks to its ingenious patented mowing system, the Windegger B2 boasts exceptionally low consumption costs. The only parts which are subject to wear and tear are the mowing threads and the blade. The blade is made in Hardox, an abrasion and wear-resistant steel which guarantees the longest possible service life. With one spool per side, which can be replaced quickly and easily, the B2 can mow around 30 hectares of trees. This means that consumption costs are just one hundredth of that of similar machinery available on the market. 

What row-spacing distances can the B2 be used to mow?

The B2 can be adapted to the circumstances, from a minimum width of 1.8 m to a maximum extension of 4 m.

Can the Windegger B2 be controlled via ISOBUS?

For the moment, the B2 can only be operated by means of its own control system. An ISOBUS control system is currently under development.

Is there also a single-arm B2 model?

A single-arm Windegger B1 model is currently under development, which will be capable of mowing even narrower rows.

When will the Windegger B2 be available?

The Windegger B2 is currently in the final test phase. Orders will be possible from July 2024.


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