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K8e – the Windegger machine for the most demanding requirements

Our new flagship K8e is the strongest working platform on the market and is designed for the most demanding requirements in the field. The unique certified travel inclination of 58% and slope inclination of 30% guarantee safe working at all times, while the large tyres provide optimum handling on all surfaces. The K8e is equipped as standard with all-wheel drive with processor-controlled traction as well as single wheel steering.

The machine’s extremely low centre of gravity and numerous technical details make it extremely safe in operation, protecting you and your workers from accident. An automatic swing guard while the machine is stationary further increases stability. All Windegger machines including the K8e are examined independently and are certified according to current European Union regulations.

The K8e has a revised lifting system that guarantees smooth delivery of crates onto the platform and simplifies the loading and unloading of large crates. The high-performance 48-volt tubular batteries ensure high mobility, while their low rate of power loss means that working is possible over several days.

The 2.5 m extra-long platform makes provides plenty of room for working. The two control positions (front and back) ensure comfortable operation when driving, meaning the machine can always be controlled in the forward direction. The clear control unit display provides useful information about the machine.

The advantages of the K7e:

  • Extra-long working platform of 2.5 m
  • Maximum platform height 2.8 m
  • Several days’ autonomy thanks to low-loss 48-volt tubular batteries
  • Processor-controlled electrical individual wheel drive with stepless speed control and interval automation
  • Negative safety brake system
  • High security thanks to automatic swing guard while stationary
  • Slope compensation both laterally and in driving direction
  • Automatic slope control and automatic steering system
  • Two stackers and integrated battery charger


Download the folder for our Windegger K8e here.