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K4+ – the lifting platform for maximum cost-efficiency

Our K4+ is a cost-efficient general-purpose platform for your family business. It is compact, agile and functional, and can support you all year round in your work: tree pruning, thinning by hand, or working on hail nets, ensuring that harvesting is completed comfortably, quickly and with maximum care.

The K4+ has a unique patented harvesting system. The picking baskets for the upper areas are automatically lowered and emptied into the crates from above. This means that up to five persons can comfortably pick fruit at the same time using the K4+ in both the upper and lower ranges. The empty picking crates are either distributed separately along the rows, or up to five crates can be carried by the machine during harvesting.

Easily mountable booster batteries double the autonomy when working on hail nets or when hanging up dispensers.
The K4 general-purpose platform can be transported directly using the tractor hoist or with a stacker when harvesting.
For your safety all Windegger machines including the K4+ are examined independently and are certified according to current European Union regulations.

Advantages of the K4+:

  • Maintenance-free lifting platform
  • Picking performance comparable to machines with conveyer belts
  • Problem-free changing of sides by apple pickers where fruit crop is irregular
  • Very easy operation of multiple functions
  • Easy transport with tractor hoist or stacker
  • High-torque all-wheel drive
  • Stepless speed from 0-3 km/h and interval automation
  • Turnable while stationary
  • Manual control with joystick or automatically
  • Easily mountable booster batteries for increased autonomy
  • Downwards adjustable and weatherproof control position
  • Automatic lowering and emptying system for picking baskets


Download the folder for our Windegger K4+ here.