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K7e – the Windegger machine to meet the toughest requirements

The K7e self-propelled electrical lifting platform represents the luxury class in modern fruit-growing, with characteristics to meet the highest demands that are unique on the market in this form.
The K7e is very user-friendly. The two control positions (front and back) mean the machine can be always controlled in the forward direction. The slim construction also makes the K7e very agile in narrow lanes. The high-performance 48-volt tubular batteries ensure high mobility, while their low rate of power loss means that working is possible over several days.

The K7e has a unique maximum platform height of 2.8 metres, allowing comfortable, safe working on hail nets. For maximum possible efficiency during harvesting the platform features an integrated crate conveyor to enable obstacle-free working on the platform. The two high-performance stackers are attached by just two bolts, allowing fast and easy removal.

For steep slopes there is probably no better machine than the Windegger K7e. Its extremely low centre of gravity, all-wheel drive with processor-controlled traction and hydraulic compensation for the swing axles all allow it to master even the steepest of areas.

Your safety is vital to us. Its unique centre of gravity design and numerous technical details make the machine even safer in operation, protecting you and your workers from accident. An automatic swing guard while the machine is stationary further increases stability.
All Windegger machines including the K7e are examined independently and are certified according to current European Union regulations.

The advantages of the K7e:

  • Super-compact width with 1.30 m outer wheel distance
  • Maximum platform height 2.8 m
  • Several days’ autonomy thanks to low-loss 48-volt tubular batteries
  •  Processor-controlled electrical individual wheel drive with stepless speed control and interval automation
  • Negative safety brake system
  • High security thanks to automatic swing guard while stationary
  • Slope compensation both laterally and in driving direction
  • Automatic slope control and automatic steering system
  • Two stackers and integrated battery charger


Download the folder for our Windegger K7e here.