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The all-wheel drive K7e alpin is designed for use in steep areas. It has no problems handling inclines of up to 58% or sideways inclinations of up to 30% – these are unique performance values.


K7e equipment possibilities
There are many possibilities for equipping the basic version to your needs:

  • Crate conveyer
  • Hydraulic stacker
  • Adjustable crate fixing point
  • Platform height 1.80 m or 2.80 m
  • Lateral inclination
  • Automatic slope control
  • Second platform stage
  • Automatic steering system
  • Suitable for road use
  • Crate for connection material
  • Weissenegger Frubox
  • Makita radio with attachment
  • Fixing point for wire roll
  • Tyre sealant for 4 wheels