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K4+ model variants
The K4+ is available in two variants: the K4+ classic and K4+ alpin. The K4+ classic is suitable for use on level terrain, while the K4+ alpin is designed for hilly locations and steep slopes. It has an automatic slope correction mechanism both lengthwise and laterally (40% - 30%), thus adapting to conditions.

The platform length of the Windegger K4+ is 91 cm.

K4+ equipment possibilities
There are many possibilities for equipping the basic version to your needs:

  • Picking box
  • Crate conveyer
  • Automatic slope control
  • Automatic steering control with ultrasonic eye
  • External control position
  • Pneumatic tyres 5.00-10 or 20 x 8.00 with modification using 5/8” chain
  • Solid tyres 5.00-10 or 16 x 6.5-8
  • Taillights complete with reflective panel
  • Crate ramps
  • Booster batteries 135 Ah with central or side-mounted box
  • Crate with connection material
  • Weissenegger Frubox with iron hooks
  • Makita radio with attachment and extension cable
  • Warranty extension